Oona Hagman

Try to please everyone and you please no one.

What is responsible branding?

It seems so simple to talk about, yet at the same time it’s often quite complicated to put into action. What are the benefits of responsible actions in a business sense? It’s no longer a question of having "good will" or giving back. Rather, it’s a question of building successful brands for future generations.

So let’s talk about responsible success. Where should we draw the line? The conversation is never boring – there are usually as many opinions as participants and you just can’t please everyone.

That’s where we step in.

Our creative network professionals provide deliberate tools for responsible brand building and development that lead small talk into big acts. We also don’t run out of ideas to impress you and your customers – we just don’t do boring.

The background I lean on is in branding, marketing and advertising since 2000 focusing on brand strategy and consulting, concept design and art direction. In early 2011, I founded the ethical creative network Loft Creatives.


Let's talk over a drink! We can identify responsible success factors and improve your competitiveness and genuine brand attraction.


Oona Hagman
Ethical Designer
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