CASE: Luokaamme uusi maailma!

CASE: Let's create a new world!

Let's create a new world!

Vapriikki showcased a wide and intriguing collection of agitation porcelain directly from St. Petersburg's Hermitage. The fascinating exhibition tells the story of the 1920s revolution in Leningrad.

"Art belongs to the people!" Lenin declared. A nationalized, former Imperial porcelain factory was also included in this project, to which front-line artists were commissioned to create new and oiled porcelain art.

As a result agitated porcelain reflected the changed time, aesthetics and ideology and it came to be an important propaganda weapon for new leaders. Agitation porcelain also immediately became a curiosity for collectors of foreign art.


Vapriikki (Tampere City Museum)

Let's create a new world!
Agitation Porcelain from The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

Taina Väisänen (exhibition architect)
Oona Hagman (visual design)